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Diadema promotes corporate events so there is a better integration between workers and their families. Among the main events held yearly are the Meeting of managers and directors to set strategic directives, the Fraternization Party, the Christmas Drawing Contest and the Children’s day Party.

Fraternization Party
Held during the month of December, employees spend a pleasant day with their families. The party, which includes gifts and a Christmas basket, is an additional demonstration of appreciation for a year of dedication and hard work.

Christmas Drawing Contest
Sons and daughters of employees make drawings which symbolize Christmas. The top 3 artists are honored at a special breakfast with the company president during which they receive their awards. The winning drawing becomes the company Christmas card, which includes the name of the child who drew the picture.

Children’s day Party
To celebrate Children’s Day, employees and their children spend the day at a ranch in the area, with lots of games and delicious treats which guarantee a good time for all.

Corporate events

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